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GDPR Regulators - what are they looking for in their audits?

We have always received this question from our clients. What GDPR regulators will do and what they will be looking for? Well, we know this may be a totally complex discussion, but we would like to give a short overview and few hints about their role as GDPR regulator. The regulators will be...


Can Watson save the Security World?

So, will Watson save the world? I should stress again that Watson, in its current incarnation, is intended to augment, not replace, the work of human analysts. To claim that any system could save the world suggests that a critical, irreplaceable resource is protected at least enough for the world...


Security starts with People

by The Gartner IAM Summit in London is one of the most interesting security conferences of the year. The annual event draws IT, cybersecurity and business professionals, and it offers resources any organization can use to keep its end users secure and compliant while...


IT Resilience? what about it?

by IT resilience refers to a network or system’s ability to withstand the slings and arrows of life and operations, from human error to migration failure to natural disaster. Any of these unavoidable factors can disrupt or even cripple an enterprise. As a concept, IT...


Security flaws in Amazon, Apple and Google epub services

by SecurityAffairs A hacker discovered a XXE flaw in the EpubCheck library that affects major epub services causing information disclosure and denial of service conditions. The security expert and bug hunter Craig Arendt (@craig_arendt) has discovered flaws in major eBook readers including the...


1 of 3 visitors is an attack bot!

by Every third website visitor was an attack bot in 2016, and humans represent just under half of all Internet traffic, new Imperva data sample shows. Unsavory traffic on the Web continues to flow at a steady clip with nearly one-third of it from bad bots. New data released...